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More Than 20 Years of Expert Chiropractic Care and Healing Massage

My name is Dr. Josh Dembicer and I’ve been working with clients on healthy body mechanics for more than 20 years, first as a Certified Massage Therapist and then as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I have extensive experience in all aspects of chiropractic care, including expert diagnostics and flawless adjusting skills. Instead of leaving massage behind when I became a chiropractor, I developed the chiropractic massage, which is a deep tissue sports massage specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness and benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

My holistic approach to long-term health and wellbeing has helped many people get on track to living more vibrant and healthy lives.

My services are affordable, non-rushed, and personalized to suit your individual health goals. I specialize in sports rehabilitation, chronic pain, and general health improvement and maintenance.

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your unique health goals and schedule our first appointment.

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Amanda Richardson
Certified Personal Trainer Las Vegas, NV

I have been receiving weekly treatments from Josh for the last 4 years and notice a tremendous difference not only in how I feel from day to day but also how my body seems to function. The chronic neck pain that I’ve had for years is almost completely gone. I’m a firm believer that regular Chiropractic care should be part of everyone’s health routine and happily recommend Josh to my personal fitness clients and anyone seeking competent
healing hands.

Nicola Byrne
Certified Personal Trainer
Henderson, NV

I’ve been dealing with chronic neck pain, numbness in my hands, lower back pain, and sciatica for the past couple of years. As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, these issues have been especially challenging. Dr. Josh Dembicer has been working with me for a month now and I am experiencing significant relief and real progress. His assessment is extremely thorough and his experience with massage therapy brings a lot of depth and a different dimension to his knowledge of the body and Chiropractic care. The combination is particularly effective!

Dr. Mike Zalben

As a former classmate and later a colleague of Dr. Josh, I can say without hesitation that he delivers the best
chiropractic adjustment I've ever experienced. Combined with the 20+ years of body work experience he brings to the table, the services he provides are truly unique and special.

Michael K.
Engineer & Mountain

My left arm had been causing me problems for 2 years. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Dembicer for correcting this issue. He’s a real asset in helping me stay healthy for my physically demanding activities.